Scribble Worm HD App Reviews

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Needs work

Simple and fun concept...very inaccurate touch sensitivity...look forward to final product.

fun thinking game

This is a great game, that encourages problem solving.

Great game great puzzle

Its a great puzzle and an interesting game! Very unusual and creative. Its difficult enough to challenge you, easy enough to make it fun.

Very fun and very addicting!

This game is one of the best puzzle games I have found for m iPad- def worth the investment of a buck. It makes me forget about everything else as I get absorbed into the game. Excellent controls and graphics... Unfortunately I could play this all day....

Just a lot of fun

This is trickier than you think it will be. And it's just a whole lot of fun. The art is like a little kid. Adorable. Sure worth the 99 cents I paid since I won't need my therapist any more.

Excellent little puzzle game

Great time waster. Once you get the hang of it (first notebook or so) you'll be hooked on that little wobbly thing the worm does when it gets the apple. The hints are perfectly executed to show up exactly when you start getting frustrated, the music is appealing, and yeah. Good stuff. Plus the star ratings give it angry birds caliber replay value.

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